A Good Man is Hard to Find

Perhaps the most common question about human nature is this:

Why do good people do bad things?

It is a relevant question, one that affects the human race, but it has been debated for centuries β€” arguably even millennia β€” with no concrete result. The more interesting question, the question that has been absent for far too long and may shed light on the matter, is this:

Why do bad people do good things?

Consider, for a moment, the case of infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

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The Oyster-Man

I’ve found the phrase, β€œThe world is your oyster,” to be an especially handy one.

It can be used to motivate aspiring students who are about to encounter a seething mass of opportunities and seize their fortune. It can be used to let a recent retiree know that, now that he has disposed of his daily responsibilities, he has the time to pursue his dream of skydiving. It can also be used to inspire dictators in their vicious conquests or empower monarchs to continue oppressive regimes.

What a terrible use for a perfectly good phrase, you say? I assure you, there is an even more frightening side to this age-old idiom.

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