Blinding Illumination

Light is a delightful, necessary thing. Headlights keep us on the road. Flashlights help us find our way through dark forests. Even a small, flickering candle can bring comfort to a family in the darkness that accompanies a power outage.

And the brighter the light the better, right? After all, without the sun, where would we be?

But if you look at the sun for too long the results will be something entirely undesired. Continue reading


Must I Write?

Must I write? This question haunted me, drove me to mutter in dark corners and scream angry nothings from the rooftops. For what is this burning desire inside if not a “must”, something without which I cannot exist? Continue reading

A Painful Truth

The romanticization of pain is one of the greatest falsities to worm its way into storytelling.

There is supposed heroism in a man who suffers for a good cause and stays strong — he is the hero because he perseveres through the hurt, through every hardship and trial. He may lose hope at times but in the end it is the valiant hero who overcomes doubt.

But that’s not life. Pain isn’t like that, with a neat beginning and end. Continue reading

Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Absent

There is undeniable truth in the old proverb, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The heartbreak of separation from a lover is, without doubt, the driving force behind many romantic reunions. But further down the road, long after the reunion, there is something hidden — a cruel truth that is often left untouched, unvisited by authors because it doesn’t make for a good story and ignored by the lovers whom it affects.

More often than not, fondness makes the heart grow absent.

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