Blinding Illumination

Light is a delightful, necessary thing. Headlights keep us on the road. Flashlights help us find our way through dark forests. Even a small, flickering candle can bring comfort to a family in the darkness that accompanies a power outage.

And the brighter the light the better, right? After all, without the sun, where would we be?

But if you look at the sun for too long the results will be something entirely undesired. Too much of that light and you will end up stumbling around in eternal darkness, cursing the day you stared in wonder at a wonderful thing.

Here’s the point — too much of a wonderful thing will eventually blind you. You’ll no longer be able to see that there are so many other beautiful parts of this world just outside the reach of that light. Take, for example, the tropical white morning-glory, a flower that blooms only at night, gracing the darkness with its presence. Yet, if you are sun-blind you will never know it exists.

It’s the same with any good thing. Focus on it too hard for too long and you will be oblivious of any other source of goodness, even if its right in front of you. Your idol will eventually leave you blind.

So practice self-control, be wary, and don’t stare into the sun for too long.



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